The following documents may be of interest and assistance to anyone involved in the management of volunteers or volunteer programs.

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NSW Volunteering Strategy application/pdf icon (757.04 KB)

The NSW Volunteering Strategy provides the framework for the development of the sector in NSW for the next decade.
The strategy is the product of extensive consultation with volunteers across NSW, the organisations they work with, and the peak bodies which represent those organisations.

Recognising Volunteers (Volunteer Australia) application/pdf icon (63.1 KB)

When volunteers are recruited to your organisation it makes the utmost sense to make every effort to retain them. It is a costly proposition to recruit and train replacement volunteers.

The State of Volunteering 2016 Report application/pdf icon (330.22 KB)

New Volunteering Australia data released confirms that volunteering rates in NSW and across Australia are under pressure, and that organisations need to better align volunteering opportunities with the interests of prospective volunteers.

Volunteer Information Booket - New and Existing Agencies application/pdf icon (1.12 MB)

This booklet provides details on how your organisation can become a member of the Volunteer network Volunteer Resource Centre.

Volunteer Information Booklet application/pdf icon (1.94 MB)

This booklet entails information about how to get involved in volunteering, rights and responsibilites for volunteers and organsiations, training, confidentiality and much more.

Volunteer Network Brochure application/pdf icon (1.67 MB)

Volunteer Network is an organisation for people wishing to become actively involved in the local community

Volunteer Rights & Volunteer Checklist (Volunteering Australia) application/pdf icon (56.3 KB)

Unlike paid staff, volunteers are not covered by awards or work-place agreements. Volunteers however do have rights, some which are enshrined in legislation and some which could be considered the moral obligations of an organisation involving volunteers. Volunteering Australia promote the following as teh basic rights of a volunteer.

Youth volunteering in Australia: An evidence review application/pdf icon (1.07 MB)

The National Youth Affairs Research Scheme commissioned the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) and researchers Associate Professor Lucas Walsh and Rosalyn Black to conduct research on youth volunteering in Australia

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