Blind Golf New South Wales (1 opportunity)

Organising body for Blind Golf in New South Wales

Burwood Community Welfare Services (1 opportunity)

The mission of Burwood Community Welfare Services Inc. is to provide practical and emotional support to the disadvantaged, vulnerable and at-risk members of our community.

Our vision is for...

Burwood Council (Burwood Festival) (currently no opportunities)

Burwood Festival is the biggest and most vibrant festival in the Inner West, attracting residents and visitors from across Sydney. Last year Burwood Festival entertained 85,000 patrons, providing...

Burwood Council (Community Services) (currently no opportunities)

Burwood has a wonderful and active community and Council is proud to support and engage its groups in different ways.

Burwood Council (Community Soccer) (currently no opportunities)

Burwood Council operates a community soccer program in partnership with Community Soccer Australia.

Burwood Council (Depot) (currently no opportunities)

Local Government, Works, Parks and Operations

Burwood Council (Media & Communications) (currently no opportunities)

Local Government

Burwood Council (Records) (currently no opportunities)

Records Department within Burwood Council.

Burwood Council (Speakers Corner) (1 opportunity)

The Speakers Corner Program has been jointly developed by CASS, Community Services Burwood Council and Volunteer Network as a resource for Chinese people in our community to enhance their English...

Burwood Library (1 opportunity)

Burwood Library is seeking qualified and committed tutors to participate in running an hour long, weekly English Conversation Class during school terms.

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